Concepts In Ecology & Environmental

Watch this video and answer the question

Here’s the link to the movie on YouTube:

1.List 2 abnormalities noticed in the alligator population.

2.Name 2 diseases/abnormalities scientists are concerned about in European human males.

3.What is the name of the cells that linked concerns for scientists? Where are they found

and what is their function?

4.What is the hormone at the center of the controversy?

5.What was the source of the xenoestrogen in Lake Apopka? What are xenoestrogens?

6.Name two common compounds that mimic estrogen and where they are found?

7.How do estrogen mimics work once they enter the body? (four ways – name two)

8.What seems to be the link between accelerated growth in breast cancer tissue cultures and plastics?

9.How are humans exposed to estrogen mimics? (Name two ways)

10.The estrogen mimics are not in the water of the Great Lakes or the Florida lakes. Where are they?

11. n the film, the people interviewed said that humans are swimming in a sea of chemicals. What does that mean to you?

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