“Contemporary rituals such as some weddings and funerals involve motion that can be thought of as dance motion.”

As per The Humanities Through the Arts, “Contemporary rituals such as some weddings and funerals involve motion that can be thought of as dance motion.” What is another contemporary ritual that involves dance motion?
“Do we need to know the meanings of the ritual gestures in order to appreciate the motion of the ritual?” Why or why not?
Write about at least three ways that movies have made us more imaginative.
Write about at least three ways that the movies have made us less imaginative.
Use at least one complete sentence per “way” for a total of at least six complete sentences.
Be specific.
As per Martin/Jaccobus: “Select a piece of popular music that does not satisfy you. Listen to it several times and then explain what qualitiles the music has that you feel are insufficient for you to consider it a successful composition.”
Don’t forget to write the title of the piece, the performer and the composer(s)
Explore the web site for the Hotel del Coronado (http://www.hoteldel.com/).
As per “The Humanities Through the Arts,” is it earth-rooted, earth-resting, earth-dominated, or sky-oriented? Or is it a combination?
Support your decision, using the definitions set down in THE HUMANITIES THROUGH THE ARTS EIGHT EDITION Page 165 as a guide and siting specific architectural examples found on the web site.
Again, use the definitions/explanations found in the textbook to support your decision.
Read the D. H. Lawrence narrative poem PIANO in The Humanities Through the Arts. It is on page 188 in the eighth edition and on page 185 in the seventh edition.
As per Martin/Jacobus:
“What do we know about the narrator?”
“To whom does the poem seem to be addressed?” Justify your answer.
Look at the Alexsei Vasilev work in The Humanities Through the Arts, seventh edition.
Also look at the web site Soviet Art and take a look at They are writing about Us in Pravda.
There are two parts to this question:
1.) As per Martin/Jacobus, “If you were a communist, do you think you would describe [the work] as political propaganda?” Why? Why not? Be specific?
2.) What story do you think the work has to tell?

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