Corporate-level Strategies

Assignment #4: Corporate-level Strategies This assignment is designed to familiarize you with the four corporate-level strategies- concentration, vertical integration, related diversification, and unrelated diversification before coming to class. Please read Chapter 6 in the textbook, review the lecture notes, and do some preliminary research on these four corporate-level strategies and analyze a hospitality company’s corporate-level strategy. Specifically, please answer the following five questions:

1. Briefly describe the business-unit strategy of concentration; 2. Briefly describe the business-unit strategy of vertical integration; 3. Briefly describe the business-unit strategy of related diversification; 4. Briefly describe the business-unit strategy of unrelated diversification; and 5. Apply your understanding of the four corporate-level strategies to analyze a hospitality

company that you worked at, are currently working/interning at, or are interested in working for after you graduate. What is its corporate-level strategy? What made you conclude that this company is employing this strategy at its corporate level?

You need to answer all five questions to get the total possible score of 40 points.

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