could the civil war have ended without the end of slavery

Must be five paragraphs minimum. MLA format

The evidence is key here so every paragraph must have specific examples from the text.

Criteria: 1) Strong thesis; clearly stated. Original, creative, thoughtful. Interesting (answers the “so what” question). Broad enough to convey importance of discussion to follow, narrow enough to support with available materials. 2) Persuasive, well organized and balanced. Develops and supports thesis. Contains cogent analysis that demonstrates a command of interpretive and conceptual tasks required by assignment and course material. 3) Excellent choice of examples relevant to thesis. Insightful analysis or interpretation of relevant portions of chosen documents that play an important role in the argument. Does not neglect documents relevant to thesis. 4) Essay moves easily from one point to the next with clear with clear, smooth, and appropriate transitions, coherent organizations, and fully developed paragraphs. The author employs sophisticated sentences effectively, chooses words aptly, and observes all conventions of English grammar to craft an eloquent essay.

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