could you write about a major

Assignment #10

Career Field Analysis / APA Exercise

Pg. 247 in Text

75 points


Adjusted guidelines/requirements to text:


Conduct in-depth research on one major. Hopefully, the number one reason to complete your BS degree is personal satisfaction. Along with satisfaction, this degree will afford you opportunities. The purpose of this assignment is for you to project into the future where you want this degree to take you. I encourage you to think about graduate school and if that interests you, research the major that will best meet your educational goals.


This does not have to be a research paper. You may use bullets to highlight main points, or just provide a summary for each heading. You will use:

Five different types of sources, i.e., books, interviews, journals, online journals, government documents, newspapers, etc., for a total of 10 sources– 1 point/source = 10 points

These sources will be included on a reference page with proper in-text and end reference citations in APA style 6th edition. There are online websites included in this folder to assist with this exercise. APA format – 25 points


There is not a length requirement for this paper/exercise. Submit this paper electronically to the submission link. Review the evaluation form on page 259 prior to submission; however, do not include in your assignment.

Abstract: In one paragraph, state the specific occupation (option 1) or the major (option 2) you have researched, why this was your choice, and your overall thoughts on the results of your research. Note: the abstract will be at the beginning of your assignment.

Option 2 (p 249): One major using 6 subheadings.

30 points content / 10 points for use of subheadings = 40 points

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