Course Project On The Respiratory System Is Due Tonight HELP!!!!!!

My name is Elizabeth Knox this is for my BIOS105 class. Due by 11:00 p.m.

This week you will prepare a rough draft of your Power Point Presentation. You will submit your rough draft for peer review to the discussion forum. Throughout the week, you will receive feedback on the content and quality of your presentation in the discussions. Use the feedback you receive from classmates throughout the week to further refine your rough draft before submitting it for grading at the end of the week. You will also submit the rough draft for a grade and feedback from the professor.

Your Power Point Presentation should include the following items:

Title Page (5 pts)

Unique Title for the Presentation

Your name

Content (8-10 slides of content) (35 pts)

The bodily system chosen for the project

A brief introduction of the bodily system for audience understanding

The features and responsibilities of the system

Additional findings or outcomes of the system

A tentative conclusion, summary of the presentation

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