Create A Term-Project About A Business Of Aiport Sleeping Rooms

Posted: 6 Days AgoDue: 10/04/2018Budget: $40
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Create a name for the business company and a logo
Make a creative powerpoint following a business plan steps between 15-20 slides
Create the different rooms layout plan and pictures in 3D
show the different types of rooms (for single person, 2 beds, & family room)
create a website that show the airport sleeping rooms selections, how to apply, pictures, promotion, the cost of each room per hour(it doesn’t have to be expensive. ex: $10 per hour)
also show the airport layout and the sleeping room area in the back of the airport connecting directly to the terminals(the airport code is JFK)
Show in the powerpoint if the business is leasing the area or if it was purchased.
show who are the business target market
show how how many employees the business has and how much they are paid per hour or annually, also how the business would grow in the future
what are the strength & weaknesses of the company
future challenges and of the company
show the benefits that Both the company and customers gain
when the website is created you can copy 7 paste the link in the powerpoint presentations

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