Create an efficiency for your team or workflow, even if it’s futuristic.

: Create an Efficiency – 4 Hours

Create an efficiency for your team or workflow, even if it’s futuristic. Create a plan that would be more efficient for your day to day work. Describe what a day would look like if this was in place. Is it a system? What does the system look like? Is it a machine? How does it help? Think outside the box.

– Describe the issue that could be addressed by your efficiency

– Could you do it with the technology that we have now?

Present your efficiency as a “white paper”, minimum 3 paragraphs with any extra materials that help to explain your idea (Flow charts, process maps, graphics, etc.)

Option 3: Adapting to Change – 3 Hours Using the article

Answer the following questions…

1. What tips do you find beneficial from the article when dealing with workplace change?

2. Did you use any of these tips when adapting to the SITAM change we just went through?

3. Do you welcome change or would you prefer to avoid it?

4. How do you think you personally could better adapt to change?

5. How big of a role do the people around you and overall communication play in how you adapt to change?

6. When the next major change happens at the Ops Center (new contract, new systems, etc.), what could be done better to help employees adapt to the change?

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