Creative Writing On Women Getting Ahead in Short Skirts (Essay Sample)

A supportive instructional “creative writing” easy” that points outs the many women who wear short
skirts in various work places like the office, courts, and in law enforcement duties. They are NOT hung-up
on “political correctness” and do what need to be done. THERE IS NOT CRICISM for these women. They know what
they are doing.
only support. During interviews with male employers these
women gracefully sneak in “panty flashes” by either crossing their legs to the other side, OR
sitting casually with their legs apart allowing the male employer a casual peek at their panties. They
often bend over in the office or climb ladders in short skirts to show their femininity. Policewomen,
female bailiffs and military women all over the world wear miniskirt uniforms because it allow the
agility to move quickly oppose to longer skirts. Men have more respect for women in short skirts.
1. Point out the examples of the definition of “panty flashes” .
2. Point out military and policewomen in short skirts
uniforms. Put the photo in the BODY of the text please (can you resize) If not I CAN.
3. I have resized the photos and named them secretaryflash, secretaryPeek, Policewoman,
I want the photos to appear in the Body of the text Just before you start your comment on that part of
subject. For instance when you point out police and military women, the picture will appear FIRST and
you comments. Example….
“A secretaries and nurses get ahead by wearing….ect. ect so xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
POLICEWOMEN JPEG HERE …..Also police and military women are getting ahead as short skirt appear more
often in law enforcement and military installation.


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