criminal justice in the media assignment

  • Papers are to be between 6 and 8 typed pages (not including cover and reference page) see course schedule for due date.
  • The purpose of the paper is for the student to choose a type of a media representation of the criminal justice system and compare the depiction to the ‘reality’ of the criminal justice system as we have explored it this semester. For example, television programs such as Dexter depict a fairly active serial killer in a relatively small geographic area—does this reflect the actual number of serial killers in the U.S. active at any time? Shows like CSI present a technologically advanced CJS which rapidly solves complex crimes—how accurate is this? Do most departments have a CSI team? How quickly are crimes solved? How many actually result in a conviction? Alternatively, students could explore the role of sociological issues/constructs such as race, gender, and age. Do shows such as NYPD Blue depict a ‘modern era’ police force? If so how accurately (e.g., does it represent women in policing at the rate discussed in the text?).

o Media may include television programs (e.g., CSI, CSI Miami, Dexter, NYPD Blue, Homicide, The X-Files, Miami Vice, Streets of San Francisco, Ripper Street, The Fall, Midsomer Murders, Murder She Wrote, Bates Motel, Gotham, How to Get Away with Murder, Dragnet, Mod Squad, Police Woman, Jag, The Untouchables, Orange is the New Black, OZ, films (e.g., Silence of the Lambs, Monster, Zodiac), books, or video games.

  • All papers need to be in APA formant — have a title page, works cited page, pages need to be numbered, using a size 12 font, and double spaced. Here is a helpful link to an APA guide:
  • Students are advised to review Appendix A (Written Assignment Grading Rubric).
  • NO LATE PAPER WILL BE ACCEPTED. All papers are to be uploaded via Canvas.
  • Students may not submit a paper utilized in another class or submitted for another Students must submit an original paper they authored. Students are not to submit papers they purchased, had someone else write, or papers that were plagiarized. See the above Academic Integrity Statementand student handbook for more information.
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