Critically Discuss The Ways In Which The Personality Of A Leader Might Affect Employee Turnover.

10 harvard references

5 journals references

3 websites references

1 book reference

all Harvard reference

Draw on theory, empirical evidence and examples

Analytical not descriptive

Consider different perspectives

a) Introduction

i. Comment on the subject of the essay (what do you understand by it? how is it important? etc). Define the terms of your discussion, note different perspectives and highlight which ones you intend to you use in your argument and why. Try to signpost, i.e. indicate the main points to be made and the order in which they will be presented.

(b) The Main Body

i Develop your line of argument through several main ideas.
ii. Support each idea with examples and illustrations drawn from the books, articles and any other sources you have used.
iii. As you develop your essay, make it clear how your arguments in one place relate to others you have used or will use.

(c) Engage in a critical reflection of your argument. This can be done in several different ways. You could either note the critiques of the approaches you used for instance or highlight alternative perspectives in order to draw out and acknowledge the weaknesses and limitations.

(d) Conclusion

i. Summarise the main ideas.
ii. Form a tentative answer by way of final comment to the question.

use different leadership studies Eg Maslow with pros and cons

Include the effect on emotions, satisfaction of worker, motivation.

*Try avoiding phrases such as ‘I think’, ‘I believe’, ‘In my opinion’. They are not concise or critical enough. Better ways to start a sentence are ‘In light of theory abc, I argue that’, Furthermore, drawing on perspective xyz, I conclude/suggest that xx’

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