cross-communication between departments to enhance due diligence of changes in customer accounts.

response 1:

My proposed change initiative is designed to increase cross-communication between departments to enhance due diligence of changes in customer accounts. Currently, there happens to be a disconnect between the client representative and vault services. This miscommunication causes delays in the processing of customer deposits and results in missed reporting metrics for vault services. The cause of this initiative is that customer accounts are going through profile upgrades that the vault is not aware of and causing delays in processing. Currently, we have a situation where a client is upgrading their account. Meaning they are having their locations and account numbers changed in the vault processing system. Sometimes the customer may be given a new vault profile, or their current profile is amended with the upgraded information. The problem is that the vault is rarely if ever alerted to these types of changes. We discovered this customer was going through an account upgrade due to an influx of deposits that were coming in that were either not in our vault system, or their current profile was deactivated. Both scenarios cause significant delays in the processing of their deposits and result in the vault missing processing SLA metrics. Using the EVM matrix, I can align my vision behind strategic, financial and operational. Strategic as it would improve customer service and quality by improving processing time of deposits and making funds available as agreed upon in their service level agreement. Financial because it would help in the reduction of time spent researching for the correct account number and location. I would also include operational as the initiative would assist in preventing the site from missing processing SLA metrics, allow for customers deposits to be processed same day, research software options that would allow for customers accounts to be flagged for account upgrades within the vault system. Current alignment with my initiative is minimal. However, communication between client representative and the vault is improving, but it is only occurring when a discrepancy occurs. We want to get to a point where constant dialogue is happening where if something is going on with the clients account that could pose a problem the vault is alerted, so customer impact is minimal. If I take a page from Jack Welch communicating, my vision will entail, sharing ideas with one another and acting quickly with a sense of urgency. I feel senior management from both vault services and client representatives would need to be involved to host discussions around the initiative and explain why it is essential and gather their thoughts on what they feel could help in making this initiative a success. Change leaders could be selected among front-line staff to help drive the initiative; research would begin to determine if any software would need to upgrade or implemented to enact this initiative. The challenge facing this initiative is management might require firm-wide approval.


response 2:

A change initiative I was thinking about recently for my organization and , more specifically, my department would be the initial training program for new floor agents. As I have just recently attended this training program it left me and many of the other new hires feeling less than capable when hitting the floor. The main issue is that there was not enough hands on training for the computer systems that we use every work day. This lack of training hinders self-confidence in doing the job. Since our job is customer service and we are the face of Chase’s mortgage servicing industry, a lack of self-confidence can be seen as a lack of competence in the customer’s eyes. Adam Toporek (2017) in his article Why Self-confidence Matters in Customer Service states, “The link between confidence and competence is not only in the mind of the service provider but also the mind of the customer” (para. 5). This fact, in and of itself, is a significant reason to upgrade the training program to include more hands on of all systems that are used on a daily basis. The EVM tool from this week’s lecture will be a very useful tool to use to refine the vision statement as it will provide the aid needed to plan out what needs to be accomplished in order to quantify the change. If this initiative is implemented within the mortgage servicing department, it can be utilized, through a transformed format, for every customer service department within Chase. The look into the strategic, financial, operational, and organizational aspects within the department can help to drive the upgraded training program and make it the most effective and cost conscious for the organization (JWI555, n.d.). I believe that there is a great amount of alignment to this vision as there are many people, with seniority, in the department that are recognizing the deficiencies with the training program and are surprised with the lack of hands on training. As far as getting this vision communicated to stakeholders with the right amount of influence will be starting the conversation with the right people. In this instance, the right people will be in the policy and procedure department as they will be the first to understand the significance. If this is relayed effectively, it will show how our operating location can become the top of all locations which will make the entire location standout to the top executives of the division. As Jack Welch (2005) states in Winning, “And finally, you have to build self-confidence—pouring out encouragement, caring, and recognition. Self-confidence energizes, and it gives your people the courage to stretch, take risks, and achieve beyond their dreams. It is the fuel of winning teams” (Kindle Locations 884-887). What better way to build self-confidence within an organization than with effective training. The biggest hold up will be business as usual and the reflection of start agents who did not receive this type of training. Which the best argument to that will be “imaging how much quicker this person would have been a star had they received the proper training in the beginning and this will help to develop many more stars.” imagine if there were more superstars on a team, how much WIN would be achievable?

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