Cultural Comparison Research Paper “or” Psychology in a Foreign Country

Order DescriptionYou have 2 choices for the final paper:
I.Cultural Comparison Research Paper
If you choose this assignment, you will submit a research paper on a cultural comparison on some aspect of psychological functioning. The paper will focus on a comparison of psychological
phenomenon between 2 cultures, e.g., the experience of emotion, gender roles, infant attachment, interpersonal attraction and love, culture-specific psychological disorders, parenting styles,
child-rearing styles, family structure, self-perception, moral reasoning, etc.
II.Psychology in a Foreign Country
If you choose this assignment, you will submit a research paper describing the discipline of psychology in one foreign country. The paper will address: 1) A brief history of psychology in that
country, 2) How psychology in that country has been influenced by other countries, 3) The importance of scientific or academic research and applied psychology, 4) The relevance of psychology as a
profession, 5) The level and type of training necessary to become a professional mental health professional, 6) Major theoretical orientations, and if one dominates, and 7) Major research trends.
Two excellent resources are available for this research: 1) The Annual Review of Psychology, and 2) The Handbook of International Psychology, by Stevens, M.J., & Wedding, D. (Eds.).
The paper must be written in proper APA Style. The body of your work should be 7-8 pages in length (not including the cover and references pages), and should include relevant references from the
textbook plus three additional academic sources such as a book, an article from a professional journal, or a credible web site. Sources such as Wikipedia, dictionaries, and web sites ending in .com
or .net are not considered academically relevant. Sites ending in .edu, .gov, or .org often have credible information that students sometimes use as sources. Before using any information from the
Internet, you must be able to determine who the author is in order to assess the credibility of the source. Be sure your paper includes a correctly-formatted title page and a separate References
page, following APA guidelines.(An Abstract is not required.)Grading considerations will include: a paper that is academically sound, demonstration of strong critical thinking skills, use of
relevant personal and/or professional examples, good spelling and grammar, proper citation of credible academic sources, and honest self-reflection with depth of thinking. Be sure that you are
familiar with the course policies on plagiarism and academic honesty, as explained in the Syllabus. Students are encouraged to use the services of National University’s Writing Center when
preparing essays.

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