Current nursing practice that is based on research

Chronic diseases are reaching near-epidemic proportions in the world. A good example is type 2 diabetes, which is the fastest growing epidemic disease. This condition is rapidly becoming a major health concern more so to aging populations. It presents complications such as loss of limbs, blindness and kidney failure. To be effective in implement self-management for this condition, nurses are using research materials that help them work with the victims of this conditions. The materials help them understand the role this condition plays in the lives of people and also why some people should follow a particular diet. This is a good example of how the current setting of nursing practice applies the knowledge of the current research.

Current nursing practice that is not based on research

It has been seen that the current research provides new knowledge to the field of nursing. However, not all nursing practices apply the current research in their operations. Some have been reluctant due to various factors. A good example is the approach given by nurses to measure blood pressure in children. The major process used here is known as the noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP) monitoring system.

This process uses an oscillometric technique and is a primary method of obtaining blood pressure measurement for both children and adults. For more than twenty years, NIBP monitoring has been used despite the questions concerning its accuracy and reliability. There is a reference standard used for NIBP measurements known as auscultatory method. The best practice recommends that blood pressure should initially be measured through the use auscultatory method before using the oscillometric measurements. However, nurses have been reluctant to use these methods and they have opted to continue using the oscillometric measurement procedures.

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