Defining the Project Management Process


Using a combination approach of your own words and research to define a project.

What are five characteristics which help differentiate projects from other functions carried out in the daily operations of the organization? Why are these not the same?

How are projects linked to the strategic plan? Provide an example (choose from your own experience or outside research).


*** post must contain a minimum of 300 words. It must demonstrate critical thinking by paraphrasing the material (direct quotes should be used in a limited manner as this does not display critical thinking). All statements in the post that are not general knowledge should be cited to their source.

Be sure to clearly relate the readings to the lesson concepts. Students may further synthesize this research relating to personal experiences. All citations should be in APA format with a reference listing at the bottom of the post in APA format (be sure to include a link to the website of your current event in the reference listing).

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