demonstrate the change I want to see, paraphrasing( Ghandi), and stay engaged in the process as long as I am apart of the company.

have been most challenged with change leadership skills at step 2 of Kotter’s 8 step framework-creating a guiding coalition. I have a great sense of urgency behind the need for quality measures in our department, however, I am so inundated with the management tasks that have been referenced in this week’s course materials-such as planning, controlling, problem solving, etc., and almost zero remaining time to devote to this critical stage of change leadership. I don’t have time to chit chat with people, network, and schmooze so I feel like I am burning the candle at both ends to survive each day and not being able to devote time required to help implement a change vision with any kind of long term sustainability.
My most immediate area for growth is to be more fearless. Just like the Jack Welch EOP video and the Suzy welch video with Tim Tebow-it’s best to go all out and follow your passion to be true not only to yourself and to your vision but also to enable those around you to see your passion and be influenced by that passion and then be drawn to that, thus becoming your followers.
response 2:

This has been an invigorating stimulating and intense course, and I have enjoyed the journey with you. I say this because not just for business, but in the current political and social environment, I am passionate about wanting the best for this country, my family friends and the world we live in. And that is where change the right attitude towards change comes into play. This is the primary foundation for my answer to the first question.
Most difficult
Abrupt change speaks for itself, in that it is usually as a result of some crises or unexpected event. But, Changes that have long-term implications requires vision and candid communication of that vision. The end result will be for the company and the stakeholders who are the backbone of the company and the consumers that they serve. Thus the most challenging skills will be creating urgency and building the coalition to help the necessary change come to fruition. Complacency is a key element, but so is selfishness. Great companys are composed of unselfish people who just get it. Look at sports teams who are successful, they play with unselfish passion and with an eye on the common goal of a championship. And they have a sense of urgency about their jobs and they are always aware of what the competition is doing and making the necessary adjustments, come hell or high water, they win. Down the road, anyone who becomes resistant to the change must go. They bring in a new player who supports the changes that align with the mission and values and winning continues. And if you win long enough, you have a dynasty. However, non of this is possible, without a clear vision followed by a strong since of urgency, and a supportive coalition.
Area for growth
My biggest area for growth is in realizing that change is a constant, and having patience with the process. A famous scientist once said, “you must have the will, do the work and wait for the result”. And with change that can be a long time. Yet, I am encouraged, by the fact as a leader, I will demonstrate the change I want to see, paraphrasing( Ghandi), and stay engaged in the process as long as I am apart of the company.

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