Describe the normal physiology for your topic.

The purpose of the paper assignment is to solidify your understanding of one topic in physiology. Writing about the topic will enable you to

demonstrate what you have learned about the physiology of your topic.
Choose a topic that interests you (from material covered during BIO202 this semester). Come up with a topic in which physiology is affected by a

factor such as disease, injury, change in a fundamental factor (such as pH, temperature, oxygen or osmolarity), drugs, aging or athletic

training. If you are unsure if your topic is reasonable please contact me for consultation.
The paper should include the following major components:
1. Describe the normal physiology for your topic. Provide the background that will make a reader better able to understand your second paper on

this same topic. You may need to add details such as anatomy or facts and figure to fully explain the physiology of your topic 2. Deviation from

normal physiology. Describe first, the changes in that physiology that occur as a result of a disease or training or some other stimulus that

causes a deviation away from the “normal” physiology. Then, describe the mechanisms of how an intervention or process can return the system back

to the original baseline. (Example. normal physiology: early development of the nervous system; change: failure of neural tube formation leading

to a serious birth defect biochemistry – how might folic acid reduce the number of neural tube defects?) 3. Formatting Specifics a. Your paper

will be graded on how accurately, clearly and thoroughly it recounts the physiology of your topic b. An original figure or drawing (of your own

design) with appropriate labels may be included. c. Length: 3 – 4 pages d. Quotes: none should be used e. References: listed near the end of the

paper (required: at least 3 primary

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