Develop a matrix that shows the uses of:

Develop a matrix that shows the uses of:

Regression analyses   Carrington Sherman, 

 Various correlational analyses  Carrington Sherman,

 Chi-square  Carrington Sherman

Each test should take one row.  Then, the below should be in columns:

In your matrix, IN SEPARATE COLUMNS, indicate the purpose of each statistic, and give a simple example of when you would choose each one (e.g., “when you want to know how blood pressure compares between a  control group and a group that gets an experimental hypertension drug”)

Also indicate whether each statistic

  • provides      information about significance of differences between      groups
  • provides      information about significance of relationships      between variables
  • provides      information about a single sample vs. two or more samples
  • is      parametric or nonparametric

Don’t forget to provide citations to your source material, with a reference page at the end.

The idea is to come up with an EASILY SCANNABLE (with your eyes) table about these statistics that you can use in the future.  Use bullets within each cell, preferably, NOT big sentences and paragraphs.  I will not grade papers that have been turned into a table; I want a USABLE matrix/table.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Optional:  Each team member, if they would like, may submit a Learning Team Evaluation to the Instructor via Private Message at the end of the week.

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