Develop a plan of nursing intervention

Develop a plan of nursing intervention

2. Select ONE Diagnosis/problem based on the two (2) CHN Diagnoses you developed in Week 2 OR a newly developed CHN diagnosis based on Coach feedback from your two (2) CHN diagnoses in Assignment 2.
• Discuss the rationale for selecting this problem/Diagnosis.
• Provide supporting community and scientific evidence, for example, Healthy People 2020, Center for Disease Control (CDC), American Heart Association (AHA), and others for this diagnosis.

3. Develop a plan of nursing intervention. Explain the intervention time line. Remember to be realistic when setting the goals and the time line for the various intervention activities to take place.

• Describe the Goals (minimum of 2) and objective (2-3 PER goal) of the CHN nursing intervention. Remember, goals are where you want to go. Objectives are how you plan to accomplish the goals. Goals and objectives need to be realistic.

• Explain the intervention objective time line. This time line needs to be realistic.

• Include your plan of intervention activities and evaluation measures. The evaluation should measure the outcomes of your intervention. Be specific.

4. Summary and conclusions: Summarize your assessment findings, your proposed community health nursing intervention, and the community public health outcomes that you anticipate as a result of the intervention. This can be one or two brief paragraphs

5. References: Follow APA guidelines
All APA writing guidelines apply. Refer to the APA on-line tutorial, as needed.

Follow all rubric information carefully to complete this assignment successfully. Refer to the Rubric in the Assignment Submission area to view grading criteria.

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