Developing a Strategic Plan for the Nursing Shortage

Developing a Strategic Plan for the Nursing ShortageOrder Description
Unmet need is Nursing Shortage
Investigate the background related to this unmet
What conditions have contributed to this situation?
Is there data that should be examined?
Conduct research to assess what has been attempted in the past, by various individuals or organizations, to address this unmet need.
Think about any broader issues that should be examined to better understand this unmet need. For instance, consider economic, political, and/or social considerations.
In your summary, identify and/or describe:
The unmet need and how it is evident in the specific group, unit, or organization ( New York Methodist Hospital) or any hospital
The mission, vision, and values of the group, unit, or organization ( New York Methodist Hospital ) or any hospital
Background, including:
Data from historical analysis and forecasting
Evidence from the literature
What has been attempted in the past by various individuals and groups to address this need
Which stakeholders should be included in the strategic planning process
Initial vision for addressing this need at the organizational or systems level, including at least one strategic goal
Broader issues to be considered ( Must be included)

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