Developmental Formulation Assignment

Objective: This assignment is designed to link the knowledge that you have gained to an actual individual (i.e., application of developmental theory).

Instructions: Select a celebrity (living or dead) and write a developmental formulation of that individual. Cover the required topics listed below in your formulation. Also, write your formulation in the same format as provided below.

1. Presenting Problem and Context: Include a section on the context and the problem that the celebrity is encountering. You can describe their current life events and what might have brought them to counseling. Be creative! You might need to create some of this content (e.g., pretend that they are seeking counseling from you). Also, your celebrity can be dead (e.g., Michael Jackson) but write of them as they are alive.

2. Developmental History and Dynamics. This should be the majority of your formulation. Here, you will discuss a few dynamics that you think are pertinent to counseling the individual. They can include o Birth-order o Parent-child, parent-parent, and/or sibling relations o Family values; history of abuse & neglect o Self-management; Any relevant developmental milestone (ex. history of sexual/physical/emotional abuse, late verbal development, premature birth, learning difficulties, etc.).

Be sure to apply theory to conceptualize interviewee’s developmental history and current functioning. Clearly identify theory with references.

For example, if you discuss Erikson’s developmental stages and identify the challenges that your case experienced in several of the stages, you need to reference Erikson.

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