Diet Analysis And Report, BA In Sports And Exercise Science (Essay Sample)

Assessment 1 – Nutritional evaluation and dietary analysis report
Learning outcomes assessed: 1, 2, and 3.
For this assessment you are required to write a 2000 word report and dietary plan (inclusive of
the diet analysis) based on the scenario outlined below.
Phil is 55 year old and has started training 3 times per week with a mix of cardio and weights and running. He is 176 cm in height and currently weighs 78.2 kg, has a body fat of 29% (22.7kg) and a lean mass of 71% (55.5 kg). His goal is to get down to 20% body fat.
Using this scenario, you are required to determine how many calories need to be lost to achieve a 20% body fat for this client and make recommendations on what is an achievable time frame to meet this goal. In addition you must analyse the 5 day diet diary found on Blackboard and discuss any nutrient deficiencies or over consumption and whether his diet meets the governments current Eatwell Guide. Then discuss these and make recommendations to help him achieve his goal. You should also include a sample 1 week meal plan that would help achieve the clients goal.
Report Structure
Introduction: This introduces the project – you should discuss the importance of nutritional assessment and the different methods of assessing nutritional requirements and energy expenditure. You should also introduce some dietary reference values for safe weight loss, gain and maintenance and discuss the merits of the UK Eatwell Guide. (15%)
Diet analysis: This section should present an analysis of the clients current macro and micro nutrient intake and calories based on the diet plan you have been given and also critically discuss where his current diet meets the recommended guidelines for health for a person of his age and gender. (35%).
Meal Plan: In this section you should discuss how many calories and macronutrients are required and how much needs to be lost for the client to reach his 20% body fat goal. You should then include a sample 1 week meal plan and discuss the rationale behind this. Make sure you justify your recommendations by linking to supporting references and data. I am looking for evidence of understanding so I expect it to be explained in your own words. Excessive reliance on direct quotes from source texts and the use of undefined jargon suggests a lack of understanding. Successive paragraphs should be linked so that there is a definite structure. (40%)
Conclusion: A brief summary/synthesis of your findings. (5%)
Bibliography: All the references you cite in the text should be fully referenced here. (5%)

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