Director of nursing for Randall County Detention Center

I work as the Director of nursing for Randall County Detention Center in Amarillo, Texas, and also in the OR of the local hospital here PRN. In the jail we house about 600 inmates both County, and Federal prisoners. I have a staff of 20 plus dental providers, mental health providers, health department, and medical providers. We provide direct routine and emergent care for inmates and staff 24 hours a day. We have a fully stocked pharmacy from which we provide medications to about 360 inmates twice daily. The person I chose to interview was the Administrative Captain who oversees staff development.

Captain Lacey stated his job was to hold staff accountable to a process aimed at helping achieve the County Jails mission and strategic goal of improving the effectiveness of all jail staff, staff safety, inmate safety, and empowering officers and medical staff to make decisions which could mean the difference between life and death. Quality Improvement is an ongoing effort that focuses on the process of providing services to an equivalent level as found in the community while maintaining the highest level of security possible. All staff is subjected to yearly testing and evaluation as well as ongoing training in their areas of specialty. He stated he holds all staff accountable to the public for the services provided by the county and the trust given to protect and serve.

In the question it asks if I agree with the person being interviewed, and I can honestly say I do. We provide a service to the community and those incarcerated. We must be professional at all times and act with the highest integrity in dealing with everyone we serve. This is still a customer service position despite the inmates various crimes. We receive training on various subjects all year round and we are always looking at new and better ways to increase training and patient safety. This discussion asks if I would change anything and at first I thought I’d set everyone free but then I took a few moments to review how many violent offenders we house only to find we have 34 convicted murderers, 11 awaiting sentencing for murder, 149 inmates awaiting transfer to federal penitentiaries for violent crimes, 80 awaiting placement in various mental health accommodations.

I don’t think letting these people go would benefit society. At times I feel bad for inmates but then at times when I hear about the evil that is done and look into the eyes of a person who place no value on human life and prays on the weak I think and at times say” Thank God this person is in jail”.

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