disability and standardized testing

disability and standardized testing
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Here is my topic and some information on the topic:
Briefly describe a subject, grade-level, building, or district problem or issue that is the focus of your strategic learning plan.
Grade eight students who have disabilities are the focus of my strategic learning plan. In the school year of 2013-2014, eight grade students with disabilities at Ridgefield Park High School score 55% partially proficient, 45% scored proficient, and 0% scored highly proficient (Jersey, 2014). On a National level 31% are partially proficient, 8% are proficient, and 1% are highly proficient (NAEP, 2014). Although the State scores are lower, Ridgefield Park?s NJ ASK 8 Language Arts Literacy scores continue to drop, even though the district has many accommodations in place to help students with disabilities succeed.
Explain why and how assessment data informs the learning plan outcome/standard, objective, and activity).
One way to assess students to see if they are learning within the classroom is by utilizing standardized testing. Standardized testing is able to assess students to check if they have learned what they should be learning in their grade level. It can also assess where they stand amongst other students within their grade level. We must also be able to rule out any bias within the data (Lodico, Spaulding, and Voegtle, 2010).
Describe a specific learning plan (include the outcome/standard, one objective, and one activity).
One specific learning plan that can be used is Vygotsky?s (1987) theory in ?reciprocal teaching.? By utilizing reciprocal teaching students with disabilities in the eighth grade would be able to learn in a method in which teachers work with the students in four specific skills (Vygotsky, 1987). The four specific skills that Vygotsky (1987) focuses on are summarizing, questioning, clarifying, and predicting.
Here are the guidelines for The Learning Theory and Research(paper): An Authentic Application–
? Use the components of scientific research that you analyzed in the articles chosen for your Consumer of Quantitative Research group project.
? Incorporate the solution strategy you researched in your Module 4 assignment (which is the above Q&A) into the framework you developed.
You will be presenting a framework for a research study, based on the data you have already presented(the information from above). As you complete this assignment, delineate the steps you would take if your study were actually carried out. You will use the concepts you studied in your group project article to guide your assignment.
Application Assignment: Proposed Solutions must use the following format:
Introduction: Take the introduction section of your Learning Theory and Research: An Authentic Application Assignment, which you submitted in Module 3, and expand it with material from the literature as needed.
Body: Take the body of your Learning Theory and Research Assignment and explain to the reader how you used descriptive statistics. Note why you chose this particular data and how you accessed it. Note the use of technology in your accessing and analyzing the data.
Possible Solution: Take the Annotated Bibliography section of your Learning Theory and Research Assignment and expand it as a new section of your paper (in paragraph form). Make sure you take all of the articles in your Annotated Bibliography and synthesize them to come up with one point of view. Add your other articles to support your hypothesis.

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