Discuss important elements in each work and their meanings. Did you choose one piece by each artist, or two works by the same artist?

Compare and contrast the two works on display. Consider the following questions: What drew you to each piece? Why? What does each one have to do with the exhibition theme? How does each piece relate to body of work in the exhibition?

Remember to include and to turn in the following next class:

· a title,

· an argument,

· an introduction,

· refer to specific evidence (e.g. form, line, colour) to support your thesis,

· a conclusion

· your two sketches

Papers should be two to three polished paragraphs.

C:\Users\张皓然\Documents\Tencent Files\3461445199\FileRecv\MobileFile\IMG_2455.JPG

C:\Users\张皓然\Documents\Tencent Files\3461445199\FileRecv\MobileFile\IMG_2454.JPG

C:\Users\张皓然\Documents\Tencent Files\3461445199\FileRecv\MobileFile\IMG_2451.JPG

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