Discuss the risks to human health of GMC

Discuss, as a leader in nursing, how you could assist in providing culturally competent health education on CAM, traditional medicine, and holistic health (including spirituality) to members of the health care team at your organization, or the organization you evaluated (from Unit 5). Consider the following questions in your response:
Write a criticism of the following proposition on GMC (Genetically Modified Crops):
a.Discuses the risks to human health of GMC (Minimum 5 points and 2 Scientific references)
b. The benefits of GMC (Minimum 5 points and 2 Scientific references).
c.Give argument whether you agree or disagree with this statement?
Explain you answer in less than one page
“As the world population continues to grow and adverse heath impacts from chemical pesticides are becoming
more and more evident, the need to develop environmentally and biologically sound methods to combat
agricultural pests is becoming more essential. One of the methods is genetically modified crops (GMC).
Agricultural biotechnology is the technology that allows genetic changes to crop plants in order to impact certain
desired traits. This method is very promising and can solve the problem of world hunger”. (20 points

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