Discuss total and unique risks for a potential multinational corporation.

575m1Follow Requirements!Requirements-* at least 3 full pages of writing (double spaced)- NO title page needed. NO paragraph titles, pictures, graphs, bullets, etc.* Font is Times New Roman size 12 with 1″ margins all around (no boarder), and paper is all aligned to the right.* Third person only (you can NOT use the word ‘I’).* DO NOT use the words ‘it’ or it’s’ anywhere in the paper.* Include an introduction and conclusion that does NOT contain facts or quotes.* Any paragraphs must be no less than 4 full sentences! And a sentence is no more than two lines!*Must have three references (with links)*When you use a reference you must use quotes that are in “…” within the paper (and contain the incite reference- (authors last name of the reference, year in parentheses)….ex: “…” (Smith, 2014). If a quote is not used, please make sure I know what reference you got the information from (with it being cited in the paper)…ex: ….. (R1). Identify which reference is R1 on the reference page.*There MUST be a separate page that lists the used resources, aka websites (Nothing without a link) (minimum of 3 individual resources (no books without links))- MUST HAVE WEBSITE to LINKS and NO Wikipedia references.*This assignment will be run through a similarity check, which must be lower than 30%. I know the requirements are a lot, but I don’t want to waste anyone’s time or having the paper redone. Please please please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you. ASSIGNMENT Write a detailed response to the following questions:1- Discuss possible reasons a corporation may want to grow its international business.2- Describe the risks that a potential multinational corporation may no longer face as it ceases to be a domestic corporation.3- Discuss total and unique risks for a potential multinational corporation.




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