short reflection on the american play
August 14, 2020
child and adolescent health 11
August 14, 2020

discuss what you have learned so far

Below will be a few articles about creativity and conspiracy theories. These are the ones I have read about so far. Please make a powerpoint with talking points and pictures. About 6 slides.

Larsen, N. E., Lee, K., & Ganea, P. A. (2018). Do storybooks with anthropomorphized animal characters promote prosocial behaviors in young children? Developmental Science, 21(3), e12590.

Leslie van der Leer, L., Hartig, B., Goldmanis, M., & McKay, R. (2017). Why Do Delusion-Prone Individuals “Jump to Conclusions”? An Investigation Using a Nonserial Data-Gathering Paradigm. Clinical Psychological Science, 5(4), 718–725.

Lewandowsky, S., & Oberauer, K. (2016). Motivated Rejection of Science. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 25(4), 217-222.

Tasimi, A., & Young, L. (2016). Memories of good deeds past: The reinforcing power of prosocial behavior in children. Journal of experimental child psychology,147, 159-166.

Acar, S., & Runco, M. A. (2012). Psychoticism and creativity: A meta-analytic review. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, 6(4), 341

Douglas, K. M., Sutton, R. M., & Cichocka, A. (2017). The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 26(6), 538–542.

Slepian, M. L., & Ambady, N. (2012). Fluid movement and creativity. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 141 (4), 625.

Zeng, L., Proctor, R. W., & Salvendy, G. (2011). Can traditional divergent thinking tests be trusted in measuring and predicting real-world creativity?. Creativity Research Journal, 23(1), 24-37.

Città, G., Gentile, M., Augello, A., Ottaviano, S., Allegra, M., & Dignum, F. (2018). Analyzing creativity in the light of social practice theory. Frontiers in psychology, 9, 2752.

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