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Please answer ONE of the following questions in the form of a well-constructed essay.

Your essay should begin with ONE clear introductory paragraph including a strong thesis statement that directly answers the question; a body of at least FIVE supporting paragraphs in which you develop many concrete examples that directly cite multiple course materials (and only our course materials); and a conclusion that summarizes your argument. Be sure to answer the whole question.

Note, while there is no required number of concrete examples or sources, essays that demonstrate mastery of the main themes of the course by using many examples drawn from a range of different course materials to support a persuasive argument will be evaluated more highly. Please use parenthetical citations, as in the Discussion Boards.

The final exam is designed for you to complete on your own. Evidence of shared work will earn a zero for the exam.

Good luck!

1.) According to Eric Foner, “Freedom is not a fixed, timeless category with a single unchanging definition” (preface, xxii). Based on evidence available to you, what were the most significant meanings of freedom advocated by Americans in THREE of the following periods: Reconstruction (1865-1876); the Second Industrial Revolution (1876-1890); the Progressive Era (1890-1920); the Twenties (1920-1932); the Age of Roosevelt (1933-1945); Postwar America (1945-1960); the Sixties (1960-1972); Recent America (1972-2000)? Why were these most significant in each period? How and why did these meanings change over time?

Please discuss at least one period BEFORE 1920 and at least one AFTER 1945. Be sure to answer the whole question.

i will provide the material when we discuss

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