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Community Needs Assessment Simulation

This assignment provides an opportunity to “take the pulse of your community”! The purpose of this assignment is to reflect upon new knowledge you have obtained thus far and apply it to develop your own needs assessment. Consider all information from course content – Gilmore text, assigned reading from publications, websites, videos, etc. – as you plan your assessment. Utilize your knowledge of assessing community needs with a detailed description of your plan which includes steps (1 – 5) listed below. You are required to include an additional minimum of three resources that have not been referenced in this course. These must be scholarly resources and should be included in a list of citations along with resources from course content, APA format, as a separate final page.

Complete the following assignment in short answer format and submit via Canvas as an attached word document. Identify a community and topic of interest as your main heading. Include each step as a subheading, then answer in paragraph format.

Describe the Following Steps in Conducting Community Needs Assessment Simulation

· Step 1: Identify the population to be assessed. Describe who you chose as your target population, and why you have chosen this group. Paint a detailed picture of the community by including demographical information and any unique characteristics. Identify any resources that are currently available and describe why they may or may not be effectively serving this community.

· Step 2: Identify important issues, barriers, and challenges specific to your population and explain the importance of this topic for your community. Describe why you feel it is important to implement programming around this topic.

· Step 3: Determine what data already exists (if any), what information is still needed. Select one approach from Gilmore text chapters 6 – 8 (Nominal Group Process, Focus Group Process, or Participant Observation) that you would use to conduct your assessment. Report any information that represents existing data as well as information which would be collected in your assessment. Explain existing data sources that you believe help to demonstrate the need for conducting your assessment. As you employ one process from Gilmore text, describe how you will go about conducting this process (consider logistics like how will you contact participants, where will you conduct your events/location, time, for how long, etc.).

· Step 4: Establish a community-based coalition with key informants (see Gilmore pp. 36 – 38) to solicit citizen and community involvement. Provide a description of who you would choose to serve on this committee, and why you chose them. Include at least two questions you would employ to interview these individuals.

· Step 5: Identify recommendations and explain how your needs assessment could be used for future programming purposes. As you have previously discussed barriers and challenges, now suggest what overall improvements you feel are necessary to assist your community. Provide a summative paragraph which includes a statement on your final thoughts around creating much needed resources as well as building upon and improving existing resources. Explain how you would overcome barriers and challenges, and how your suggestions would meet the needs, or “fill the gaps” to provide assistance and improve your community.

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