discussion board forum 3 chapter 12 question 8 no plagiarism

You will answer 1 questionindependently and create a separate post for each response (not a single post with responses to both questions). Each individual post, or question response, will consist of 500–750 words that answer 1 of the assigned discussion board questions..

  • Some answers will require a paragraph-style response, whereas others will be best answered with a table or bullet points. Use the style that is most appropriate for the specific question.
  • Each answer must be supported by references to at least 2 peer-reviewed sources and 1 biblical integration.
  • Use proper grammar and current APA format.

Book to reference questions – Schindler, P. (2019). Business research methods. (13th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

Question – Chapter 12 discussion question 8

-Assume the American Society of Training Directors is studying its membership in order to enhance member benefits and attract new members. Below is a copy of a cover letter and mail questionnaire received by a member of society.

PART A- evaluate the cover letter as an introduction.

PART B- Identify question type, develop the topic list, organize questions by topic or type, then evaluate the scope and coverage of the study.

Cover letter in textbook underneath question

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