discussion post 658

  1. Please read textbook chapter 6 “Establishing Trust and Building a Relationship” and Chapter 7 “Power, Persuasion, and Ethics”.
  2. Read the case Fiji vs. FIJI Negotiating Over Water.
  3. Watch the following two videos and get more background information regarding FIJI water and Fijian government.

https://youtu.be/l5sN1m0J7pI (Links to an external site.)

https://youtu.be/VUeEEvP8m3w (Links to an external site.)

  1. Re-read the case and answer the following 4 questions.
    1. In the negotiations between FIJI Water and the Fiji government over the proposed tax increase on water extraction, which party is in a stronger position? Why?
    2. In what ways can each party leverage power to force a deal on favorable terms? Provide examples of power-based moves that each party could employ.
    3. FIJI Water relies on the Fijian government to access Fijian Water. How can the company build a trusting relationship with a government that has been unstable and is likely to continue being unstable?
    4. Suppose that just after the tax increase on water extraction was announced, you were hired to provide professional negotiation advice. What advice would you give to FIJI water? What advice would you give to Fijian government?
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