Discussion Response

Provide a 3-4 sentence response to the discussion question answer that is provided below. The original question will also be provided.

Response: The list of research and practice is 1) Systematic reviews followed by the following,

2) Randomized control trials (RCT’s), 3) Non-randomized controlled studies, 4) Controlled cohort studies, 5) Uncontrolled cohort studies, 6) Case studies and case series, qualitative and descriptive studies, EBP implementation, and QI projects, and 7) Expert opinion (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2018).

There are many methods of research. One must start out with a review of the literature in their inquiry. One of the reasons is to see what research has been done as to not duplicate unnecessary research. A review will also help to see where to begin a research study or project. If a project is desired, is there enough evidence with reliability, validity, applicability, and replicability? If the evidence is sufficient, and has been applied to quality improvement and/or EBP projects then it can be possibly considered as expert opinion. Whatever you find in the process at least you can then consider if the research has the necessary information available or whether you may want to find another topic for research. It depends on what your reason is for the search.

Original Question: What levels of evidence are present in relation to research and practice, and why it is important regardless of the method you use?

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