Group membership creates a collective unit from which individuals can engage each other in subjective experiences and support each other in the recovery process
August 15, 2020
english comp l
August 15, 2020

discussion two issues

consider two issues: deception in advertising and the ethics of whistleblowing.

First, consider the issue of truth and deception in advertising. In the lecture, it was suggested that evidence is an important consider when determine whether an advertisement is deceptive. If there is evidence to support the claim(s) that an advertisement makes, then the ad is not likely to be deceptive. If there is no evidence to support the claim(s) that an advertisement makes, then the ad is likely to be deceptive. However, it was also suggested that while evidence is an important consideration, it is not the only determinant of whether an advertisement is deceptive or not. The lecture mentions two other crucial questions that arise when determining whether an advertisement is deceptive. Furthermore, there is disagreement over the correct answer to each of these questions, and that is why it has been so hard to provide an adequate definition of deceptive advertising. I would like you to decide what you believe is the correct answer to each of these questions. When providing your answer to each question, discuss some examples of advertisement mentioned in the lecture and explain why these particular advertisements support your answer.

Second, consider the JPMC case study that is posted in this week’s module. I would like you to apply DeGeorge’s whistleblowing criteria to this case. Determine whether whistleblowing is permissible and whether whistleblowing is mandatory for the JPMC employee. You need to cite evidence from the case to determine whether each criteria have been satisfied or not.

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