DMAIC is the abbreviation used to describe the cycle of Defining, Measuring, Analyzing, Improving and Controlling the process (Srinivasan; Muthu; Devadasan; Sugumaran

Discussion # 1


DMAIC is the abbreviation used to describe the cycle of Defining, Measuring, Analyzing, Improving and Controlling the process (Srinivasan; Muthu; Devadasan; Sugumaran (2016)).


Apple delivered the timely new phone to the industry. Samsung working to make their footprint with the newest technology introduced the Galaxy 7 with similar features. The volume of purchases reflect the acceptances in the Samsung customer space. Samsung delivered the results and technical quality desired to please a targeted audience. Was this the fuel for the fire for Apple?

Apple delivered some enhancement yet most powerful to their existing and new audience. There was a proven reputation and results in the existing team that permitted the team to excel into the next improvement (Eun-Young; Martin (2017)). One of the key contributors was reviewing the data and feedback of the customer base. Some of the testing performed with this new phone was to ensure a better experience to the customer. Another factor was including the customer in trials to hear and learn their perspective. Apple received the feedback of their customer base as proactive creative constructive input. As a team, the measures were publicly shared with the team and all parties were held accountable for the success and failures. Unlike many companies, Apple created phone with easier capabilities to unlock the phone to permit an increase in new users through some carriers that are not as common as some.

Through the public launch, Apple was analyzing the data of their competitors and continuing to increase the features. Some of the features were then downloaded into existing customers who made purchases within the year of the change (Xinghui Lei; Ye; Temi (2013)). Apple was making these changes but that did not ensure the other carriers would accept the phones onto their network. Another control mechanism was their employee base testing to receive true feedback before the changes were pushed to the wider user base. Samsung and the Galaxy 7 did not survive well while Apple was delivering the changes and then came the issue of the Galaxy 7 overheating. As referenced in the text, having the data does not always constitute making the best use of the data gathered. The explanations of the text appeared in sync with the reference material used for this comparison.

Biblical Integration:

Jobs life ware changing rapidly. It went from success and wealth to a tremendous loss over the course of time. This did not end Job’s life. Actually, he continued to remain faithful and stick with God through what God was allowing to take place. One of the greatest testimonies in the bible. Job’s friends, and even his wife, were trying to convince him to go on to something new and different because of what he was going through.

Apple and Samsung loss and gained customers through the fight of producing a new a phone in the industry. During the Samsung Galaxy 7 overheat issue, Samsung users became willing and open to try the Apple. Apple users tried the Samsung Galaxy 7 for the features that had yet to come. These were loyal customers to the well-known Apple product. On the other end, some stayed with what they knew was best for them. The loyal Apple customer waited for the new Apple. The loyal Samsung customer waited for the new Samsung that came after Galaxy 7. If Samsung does not have a major reduction in purchases after the fire of the Galaxy 7; is that because even those loyal customers waited and tried again with another Samsung? Through it all, Job knew it was not what he was going through yet what was greater was what was to come.


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Discussion # 2


DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) Methodology- “can be thought of as a roadmap for problem solving and product/process improvement.” (ISixSigma, 2018)


The Ford Motor Company is one of the world’s largest automakers and perhaps one of the most well-known corporations to utilize the DMAIC methodology to aid in process improvement initiatives. With the goal of becoming a consumer products company in mind, Ford Motor Company began using Six Sigma DMAIC strategies in the late nineties to both enhance product quality and improve customer satisfaction rates. Ford’s approach towards their goals became known as “Consumer-driven Six Sigma, furthermore, Ford was the world’s very first automaker company to implement Six Sigma methodology into their business operations on a larger scale.” (Six Sigma .US, 2017)

The main factors included in Ford’s Six Sigma initiatives were: Cost reduction, improving product quality, improving customer satisfaction, and lowering environmental impacts. (Six Sigma .US, 2017) The Ford Motor Company began carefully selecting Six Sigma projects based on their direct relation to customer satisfaction. Additional criteria used in product selection included: “the results must reduce defects by at least 70 percent, and each project should average $250,000 in cost savings. On average, Ford projects have exceeded the cost-reduction goal.”(Paton, n.d.) As soon as projects were identified, Black Belts (Six Sigma Project Champions) began the process of moving through the DMAIC cycle.

Below outlines the Ford Motor Company’s approach to the DMAIC Cycle:

Define: Black Belts begin working to identify customer’s primary wants and needs as well as the project timeline. This is where the project scope is defined.

Measure: Black Belts measure the project performance and identify any variation in performance.

Analyze: During this stage, Black Belts analyze data to determine root causes of project problems and analyze the customer impact of each process.

Improve: This is the stage where Black Belts work on process improvements by conducting cost-benefit analysis of solutions and developing an implementation strategy

Control: The control stage is the final stage which focuses on auditing performance, implementing control plans when needed, and deploying mitigation plans where necessary. This stage requires ongoing maintenance as it observes and controls ongoing performance. (Paton, n.d.)

One reason Ford Motor Company has found success with utilizing the DMAIC process is the fact that they are committed to completing the process in full, and do not consider a project finished until an entire has been completed.

The Ford Motor Company’s work with Six Sigma relates to the material from the textbook in that it works on combining both process and performance excellence. With the goals of improving product quality and increasing customer satisfaction results in mind, their Ford’s focus matches the goal of both process and performance improvements.

Biblical Integration:

Throughout the Bible we are given numerous examples of the importance of striving for excellence. The DMAIC Process is similar in the fact that it focuses on process improvement and striving to reach optimal performance levels. One of the best scriptural examples of this is Ecclesiastes 9:10 which states, “Whatever your hand finds to do, verily do it with all your might; for there is no activity or planning or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol where you are going.”


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Post a reply of at least 200 words to the each discussion post. For each post, you must support your assertions with at least 3 scholarly citations in APA format as well as include at least 1 biblical integration. Each reply must cite at least 1 scholarly source or include 1 biblical integration. Scholarly resources must come from peer-reviewed journals.

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