DNA and Gene expression

Chapter 4 Reading Assignment (Pages 66-93)

1. List all the vocabulary from Chapter 4 of the Week 3 Assignment sheet and write the definitions on a separate piece of paper. Attach the paper to the back of this assignment when you have completed it.

2. What is the title of the chapter?



3. Briefly describe in your own words what you expect to learn in this chapter based on the title:

4. List each of the Concepts (Subtitles) found in the chapter and then restate each in your own words.

Concept 4.1-


Concept 4.2-


Concept 4.3-


Concept 4.4-


Concept 4.5-


Concept 4.6-


Concept 4.7-


5. Read Concept 4.1 just for background info. We will not focus on this information in lecture, but it is useful for your general understanding.

6. Study Figure 3.2. What does this tell you about cells, organelles, and the molecules found in cells? How do their sizes relate?

7. Read Concept 4.2 and then create your own table below comparing prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

8. Draw and label a prokaryotic cell (like Figure 4.4).

9. Draw and label an animal cell (like Figure 4.7).

10. Draw and label a plant cell (like Figure 4.7).

11. Read Concept 4.3.

What are the parts of the nucleus?

What is the function of the nucleus?

Describe ribosome structure.

What does the ribosome do?

12. Read the first paragraph in Concept 4.4.

What cell parts are part of this endomembrane system?

Why are these organelles considered a system? What unites them?

13. Finish reading Concept 4.4. Fill in the table below for each member of the endomembrane system.

Organelle Name

Physical Description

& Location in the Cell


14. Read Concept 4.5.

What is the endosymbiont theory?

Why are mitochondria and chloroplasts considered energy organelles? (Be specific.)

What happens inside a peroxisome?

***(For 3 extra credit points watch the movie Lorenzo’s Oil (true story). Write down in two sentences something to show me you watched it and add it to your binder. Due anytime during the term before the last day of class.)

15. Read Concept 4.6. Then list the components of the cytoskeleton and describe its functions.



16. Read Concept 4.7 and answer Concept Check 4.7 Question #2.

17. Read the Summary of Key Concepts and complete #1-7 of Test Your Understanding.








18. Create a representation of a eukaryotic cell (plant or animal) using a creative medium (food, trash, magazine cutouts, beads, clay, whatever!). Label the parts.

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