Educating About Addiction

Educating About Addiction

Referring to the readings, select a specific population (consider age, race, gender, and sexual identity) and explore how addictions impact members of this group. Focus on a population you would be most likely to serve in your area. You will likely need to locate additional scholarly articles to address the following:

What are the implications of struggling with addiction for a member of this group? Apply multicultural principles.

How could you incorporate client and family expertise and resilience in your work with a client from this population and his or her family to promote optimal health and wellness? Include specific support from scholarly literature.

How could you incorporate advocacy in your work with this population at the school and community level through education? Be specific and provide support from the literature.

Note: This is a graded discussion question. Your instructor will grade your discussion using the Scoring Guide accessed in the Resources and your grade will appear in the courseroom gradebook. You are still responsible for posting two substantial peer responses to other learners’ discussions.

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