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Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership

THE PAPER IS DUE: WEDNESDAY of WEEK 4 by 11:59 PM ET. Your paper is required to be submitted via the Final Paper Submission link in Week 4 as an APA 7th ed. format Microsoft Word document.

For this assignment, you will create an APA 7th ed. format paper. You will research the leadership/management style of a high-profile leader/manager (one of the ten CEOs listed below). The topics in your paper are required to include the following three (3) topics: 

  • CEO’s Personal and Professional Background: Information about the CEO’s personal and professional background related to their current role as a CEO.
  • CEO’s Leadership/Management Style and Skills: The CEO’s specific leadership/management style and skills. This is the focus of your paper. Include the concepts you learned in this course and the concepts in the course textbook. Review the concepts in the Weeks 1-4 Discussion Questions.
  • Discussion Questions for reference:
  • wk 1

1. Explain social responsibility and how a company’s ethics determine its stance on social responsibility.

2. Discuss how this company implements the One-for-One Giving model as a socially responsible act.

3. Explain the four main approaches toward social responsibility (obstructionist, defensive, accommodative, and proactive) and determine which approach Bombas implements. Explain why you chose the approach. Include rationales from the course textbook and examples from the Case Study article to support your choice. 

4. Discuss how has social media contributed to this company’s success as a competitive advantage. Provide examples from the Case Study article.   

wk 2

1. Explain the steps in SWOT analysis. Then discuss how SWOT analysis determines the three types of planning in an organization using corporate-level, business-level, and functional-level strategies. 

2. Discuss Porter’s business-level strategies and how the business-level strategy provides a competitive advantage. Determine which specific business-level strategy this company pursues and how it provides a competitive advantage. Provide examples. 

3. Discuss the corporate-level strategies and how they strengthen a company’s business-level strategy. Determine the specific corporate-level strategy implemented in this company. How does this strategy help in growing the business and creating value for the customers? Provide examples.

4. Choose a company or organization you purchase from or do business with. In your opinion, as a customer and/or consumer, what are this company’s external environmental opportunities (O) and threats (T) based on SWOT analysis? Discuss what this company does to gain a competitive advantage. What would you recommend to this company to increase its competitive advantage?

wk 3

1. Explain the factors discussed in the course textbook that influence a leader’s choice when creating an organizational structure. 

2. Explain the different types of organizational structures discussed in the course textbook. Determine the specific type of organizational structure implemented at Bombas. Provide examples. 

3. How does the organizational structure and culture at Bombas affect the way the Bombas’ employees behave? Please explain. 

4. Explain the concepts related to intrinsically, extrinsically, and prosocially motivated behavior as discussed in the textbook. Discuss the potential sources of extrinsic, intrinsic, and prosocial motivation for the employees at Bombas. Provide specific examples from the Bombas article.

wk 4

Describe the concepts related to transformational leadership and explain how managers can engage in being transformational. How does transformational leadership differ from transactional leadership and servant leadership? Please explain. 

2. Discuss how emotional intelligence plays a role in the effectiveness of a leader. 

3. Which type of leadership style does Bombas CEO David Heath implement in the management of the company? Would you say that he is a charismatic leader? Please explain. 

4. Explain the five source(s) of power discussed in the course textbook. Determine the source or sources of power David Heath implements to affect other people’s behavior?

5. Discuss the two basic leader styles in Fiedler’s Contingency Model of leadership. Determine the leader style David Heath implements in his leadership. 

  • Why this CEO is (or is not) an Effective Leader/Manager: Include research regarding why this person is (or is not) such an effective leader/manager. Please address their display of social responsibilities, ethical practices, and any supported regulations related to their leadership/management style. Include the concepts you learned in this course and the concepts in the course textbook

The information provided in the paper is required to include the managerial concepts learned in this course from the Discussions, Case Assignments, and the weekly readings. 

Please choose one of the following high profile CEOs to research as the focus of your paper (pictures on the left):

  • Shantanu Narayen (Adobe, Inc.)
  • Mary Barra (General Motors)
  • Satya Nadella (Microsoft)
  • Dara Khosrowshahi (Uber)
  • Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway)
  • Rosalind Brewer (Walgreens Boots Alliance)
  • Eric Yuan (Zoom Video Communications)
  • Karen Lynch (CVS Health)
  • Marvin Ellison (Lowe’s)
  • Jane Fraser (Citi)

Please read the Assessment Rubric prior to writing your paper and include all the required criteria in your paper. Please download and print the Assessment Rubric to follow as you write your paper. Please click on this link for the Assessment Rubric: MAN1021 Final Paper Rubric.pdf MAN1021 Final Paper Rubric.pdf – Alternative Formats

Grading Rubric Requirements:

The paper is required to include the following: 

  • A strong understanding of management concepts and application of the concepts to the functional areas related to local and global business 
  • A strong understanding of ethical decision-making including a strong understanding of legal and ethical business practices including diversity and inclusion
  • A strong understanding of the global environment in relation to business decisions
  • The paper is required to be clearly organized and provide convincing evidence to support conclusions.
    • The argument is required to incorporate critical and analytical explanation, is logical, persuasive, and clearly communicated in a conclusion.
    • The reader should be able to follow a line of reasoning.
  • The paper is required to include research and correct APA 7th ed. formatting.
    • APA format is required to be used accurately and consistently in the paper.
    • The paper is required to include compelling evidence from professionally legitimate sources to support the claims made.
    • Attribution should be clear and fairly represented.
    • The reader of the paper should be confident the information and ideas presented can be trusted. 

General APA Guidelines For This Paper:

Your paper is required to be an APA 7th ed. format Microsoft Word document. 

If you do not have Microsoft Office 365 please note Keiser University provides students with Microsoft Office 365 at no charge in their Keiser Outlook (email) account. Use the Microsoft Word app to create your paper rather than an online template that may not be compatible with Blackboard. If your instructor provides or requires a Microsoft Word APA 7th ed. format paper template to use it is recommended you use it for your paper.

Your APA paper should be typed, double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″) with 1″ margins on all sides.

All text should be in Times New Roman 12-point font.

A Running head and page headers are not included in APA 7th ed. format student papers. Include a page number at the top of every page flush right at the margin. 

Please refer to the ‘Business Writing and Research APA Formatting Videos” module in the ‘Getting Started’ tab located in the course menu on the left sidebar to learn correct APA format.

You can also utilize the Online Writing Lab (OWL) for help writing your paper. Information for the OWL is located in the ‘Getting Started’ tab. 

Major Paper Sections

Your paper is required to include these three components: Title Page, Main Body, and Reference Page. An Abstract is not necessary for this paper.

Title Page

The Title Page of your paper should include the title of your paper, author’s name (your name), the institutional affiliation (Keiser University), course number and course name, and the date. 

Include the following centered in the upper-middle of the page:

Title of Your PaperAuthor’s Name (Your Name)

Keiser University

MAN1021 Principles of Management

Date (Month, Day, Year)

Body of the Paper

The content of your paper should be uniformly double-spaced. Begin the body of your paper on page 2 by typing in your full title at the top of the page. The title must be centered and in title case in bold text. Title case means all major words are capitalized. This is an APA Level 1 Topic Heading. Then press the enter key once, change your alignment to left and begin typing. Each paragraph must be indented by ½ inch.

Do not write the word ‘Introduction’ at the beginning of your paper. In APA format papers the first paragraph is always the introduction, so it is it does not need to be titled as such. The body of your paper is required to be a minimum of 3-5 pages in length excluding the Title and Reference pages.


Include the following three required assignment topics as APA Level 1 Topic Headings: 

  • CEO’s Personal and Professional Background
  • CEO’s Leadership/Management Style and Skills
  • Why This CEO is (or is not) an Effective Leader/Manager


Reference Page

The Reference page is the last page in your paper. This should be a new page with the title References at the top of the page in bold text and centered.

1. Only include the references for the sources you cited in your paper on the Reference page.

2. In APA format all references are required to be in hanging indent format and uniformly double-spaced.

3. Each of the references for your sources should be listed alphabetically by last name.

4. All references are required to be in correct APA 7th ed. format.


  • It is required to provide the Jones & George (2022) course textbook as a source.
  • A minimum of three full-text academic journal articles from the Online Keiser Library are required sources.
    • Please use the Library Training/Instructional Videos provided in the Online Keiser Library for assistance in researching academic journal articles. 
  • In addition to the course textbook and academic articles from the Online Keiser Library you may use professional business sources.
  • All sources are required to be published from 2013 to present. 
  • All information provided from the sources you use is required to be paraphrased in your words and cited appropriately in correct APA 7th ed. format using narrative and/or parenthetical in-text citations. Direct quotes from your sources are not accepted even if cited. 

*Please note: You may not find scholarly journal articles in the Online Library on your CEO if you only type in their name in the search bar. First, determine the leadership/management style of your CEO and then research the leadership/management concepts in the library. There are thousands of articles in the Online Library on management and business concepts, leadership styles, theories, models, etc. 

Helpful Hint: The ProQuest Database Platform in the Online Keiser Library has an option to select only full-text articles if you check the box. Be sure to also check the box for ‘Peer-reviewed.’ For Publication date: Click on the dropdown arrow and choose: ‘After this date…’ In the yyyy box type in 2012 to access journal articles published after 2012 which will access articles from 2013 to present. 

The following are not accepted sources: Wikipedia, Wiki websites, Blogs, encyclopedias, bibliography.com, other textbooks, books, online books, book reviews, dictionaries, newspapers, online essays, other students’ papers, assignments, and essays found in online websites, Dissertations, White Pages, online interviews, videos (except for the video in the Week 4 Discussion), .edu websites, job search websites such as Indeed, Monster, etc., and non-professional online websites.

Please follow the above guidelines and requirements. Prior to submitting your assignment please review your paper to be sure you have met all the Assignment Guidelines and Rubric requirements.


Course Textbook

Jones, G. R. (2021). Contemporary Management (12th Edition). McGraw-Hill Higher Education (US). https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/books/9781264250196


THE PAPER IS DUE: WEDNESDAY of Week 4 by 11:59 PM ET. This assignment is required to be submitted via the Final Paper Submission link in Week 4 as a Microsoft Word document. Please do not submit your paper as Submission Text or Comments or in Pages, Notes, Google Docs, or PDF format. 

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Discussion board
October 18, 2021
Comm 1720-04 Interpersonal Communication
October 18, 2021

Effective Leadership

As we seek to continue to explore worldview and theapplicationof biblical principles, keep in mind there may be two types of assignments that you encounter as a student. One, which you encountered last week, will ask you to find specific verses of scripture that are relevant to a specific topic. The second will ask you to explore a biblical passage and glean, or find, specific applications of principles. This assignment will take you through a biblical passage step by step to show you how to look at a passage of scripture to be able to identify concepts and principles that you can apply to your life specifically. Both of these exercises are key in being able to better understand a Biblical or Christian worldview, how CCU arrives at that worldview, and what it looks like in application.Let’s assume you are studying the topic of effective leadership. The Bible gives anaccountof Joseph who grew from a young man tending his father’s sheep to an influential member of the king’s staff. This assignment serves as a model for questions you might consider as you examine Scripture to identify various concepts, principles, theories, case studies, topics, etc. from a biblical worldview. It also relates to the overall theme of this course.In a Word document, answer the following questions. Write your answers to the questions in a question/answer format, including each question bolded in your Word document and your answer written below each question:Read Genesis 37:1-36 in your Bible. What were the circumstances that led to Joseph’s brothers’ treatment of him?Read Genesis 39. In Genesis 39, what character traits do you see emerge in Joseph in response to his encounter with Potiphar’s wife?Read Genesis 40 and 41. In these passages, what circumstances led to Joseph’s favor with the king?Based on this Biblical account of Joseph, what characteristics do you see in Joseph that led to his position of influence and leadership? How does this connect to your readings during your time in this course?Based on your experience as a leader or with leaders you have worked with, what are two principles of leadership you can take from the story of Joseph and apply to effective leadership? Use the verses in the passages to support each principle. For example:Principle 1 – Being faithful in tasks that are given you regardless of your current position. In Genesis 37: 1-17, the Bible explains how the Lord gave Joseph skills in dreams and their prediction of future events. There was even some indications that his brothers might actually bow down to Joseph in some future circumstances. However, as a young man he continued to fulfill the tasks his father gave him of tending the flocks and checking on the welfare of his brothers. Faithfulness to tasks given, no matter the level of importance, is a worthy characteristic of effective leaders.Because you are citing Scripture, you need to be sure that you use the correct in-text citations, but you do not need to include the Bible on a References page.Be sure to make some direct connections to the reading and work you have already been doing in this course. Use APA citing and referencing. Also, be reflective in applying what you’ve learned to your own life.

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