Election PM Project

WBS- Mayor elections
Work Breakdown Structure Table
WBS for planned mayor elections which are set to give a reprecement of for the position scheduled to be held on 16th october 2019
Project Title: Upcoming Mayoral Election Project Working Title: MAYOR ELECTION
Project Manager: Lenith K. Prescott PMP Project Sponsor: The government through the ministry of finance
Prepared by: Lenith K. Prescott PMP Date / Control Number: SP College MAN 4583
Element Number WBS Elements Activity, Task, or Sub-Task Name Definition of Activity or Task (Description) Responsible Person or Group Estimated (E) or Actual (A) Cost (Cross reference to budget) Project Phase (Cross reference to schedule)
1 PROJECT CHARTER PURPOSE Project Charter Document is of essential importance for the four managerial functions; initiating the project, planning, executing, controlling and assessing the project project executing team and project sponsors Enter the estimate or actual cost of the activity or task or add a cross reference to the budget. Provide the name or number of the Project phase that this activity falls into.
2 Project Executive Summary Giving a summary of the main activities which will take place during the project execution. project team execultive to provide the project summary which shoulf be documented by the project secretaries and app5roved by project stakeholders $5M Planning
3 Project Overview New mayor elections which should be conducted in a free and fair way. project team planning
4 Project Scope • Prepare the system to be used • Production of the necessary ballot formats • To enhance an open record and count of votes • Prepare the system to be used • Production of the necessary ballot formats • To enhance an open record and count of votes project team planning
4.1 Goals And Objectives setting the main objectives of the project as well as giving its specific objectives. project team planning
4.2 Deliverables Out Of Scope
4.3 Project Estimated Duration & Cost Project team meeting $1.5 M April 2018- January 2019
Formatting of the final scope
Drafting of high-level Goals
Holding a meeting with the Board of Advisors
Period for public comment $ 0.5 M January 2019- May 2019
EAC staff response $ 1M June 2019-Aug 2019
Final formatting $0.5 M Aug 2019-Sept 2019
Mayors’ Election $1.5 M 16-Oct-19
5.1 Project Assumptions · The assumption was that the project sponsors would provide the necessary resources for the project implementation
· That there will be a high turnout of the voters
· The project team will be dedicated towards the project goals and objectives
The project team will facilitate free and fair elections
5.2 Project Issues Priority Criteria
Low priority
medium priority
high priority
5.3 Project Risks Identification of Risk Areas within the projects scope risk analysis team
5.3.1 Troubled voter Some unregistered voters might file allegations that they were not informed of the registration which is likely to cause chaos project team owns this risk
5.3.2 Contested election results Some candidates may end up arguing that there was rigging of the votes election body owns this risk
5.3.2 Poor training and education Failure to give adequate training and knowledge to the election officials The electoral body
5.3.3 Environmental hazards Unfavourable weather conditions The project team
5.3.4 Presence of organized crimes Failure to have adequate security may complicate the electoral process The government
5.4 Project Constraints The limitations of a project project team

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