electronic education for medical staff

Attached is the RUBIC for the powerpoint slides. Below is the topic that I need to work on, I need a 5 slides no into page but I need referenc. This is a group project and below is the part that I need to work on. My topic is ELECTRONIC EDUCATION FOR MEDICAL STAFF.

Impact on healthcare and nursing i.Impact on professional nursing practice. ii.Patient safety impact (including statistical justification) iii.Impact on patient care delivery, quality care measures/monitoring, and risk management (privacy, confidentiality, and security) as applicable. 1.Ethical & legal considerations. 2.Infrastructure/operational consequences (e.g., budget, costs, etc.) 3.Impact ona population and/or geographic region 4.Provide examples & statically significant data to support examples.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes between 5-6 slides, NOT including the title and reference slides. a.Speaker Notes i.Outline and “script” the presentation for online students. ii.Online students’ speaker notes should include the name ofthe student who researched and presented the slide information. iii.Campus students follow the guidelines of your course instructor. b.Scholarly writing and APA 6th Edition guidelines should be followed as applicable to PowerPoint slides. c.Cite sources in APA format in the applicable slides and include the APA formatted reference in your reference list slide(s)‐ Minimum 6 references d.Spelling, grammar, and punctuation apply even in bullet points and speaker slides (e.g., quotation marks, italics, verb tense,etc.) e.Copyright and plagiarism rules apply.

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