elements which are relevant to the community and public health.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has several elements which are relevant to the community and public health. The elements are aimed at strengthening the community health center by setting aside funds for construction and expansion of community health centers such that they can be accessed by all. There have also been the expansions of insurance covers that for example cater for the vaccinations among children (Protection, & Act, 2010). The Act also aims at increasing the salaries of the personnel that provide care to the patients. The healthcare providers have at time been reluctant to serve the members of the community due to the low and delayed salaries allocated to them.

This Care Act mainly covers those caregivers in rural areas as the big percentage of the people affected are found in rural communities. With the Act available, the people in the rural community will be easily reached and attended to through home visitation and also through the awareness of the various methods of prevention and protection amongst the people. Also, services like those of maternal child health are provided to the women and their babies. Affordable Care Act covers every aspect of human health.

The Act is a basic right of all humans and has given an opportunity to all American citizens to benefit from it. Many medical training institutions in the United States of America are in great support of the reform to be implemented in the healthcare centers. The nurses for this matter are required to ensure that the law is implemented. They should have clear information concerning the Act (America Nurses Association. 2016). This is for the purpose of providing awareness to the patients so that they can understand the benefits of the act. The nurses do have a responsibility to be involved in the affairs concerning the health of the individual and society at large.

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