english comp l

After working on the research paper and then the final form, now revision is obviously an important stage in writing. Select two places–one small and one larger–when you have revised from the original form. Present the original and the revision and talk about the reason for the change. This portion should be approximately 250 words and a copy of the Research Paper will be uploaded.

Complete I: Prepare a word document with a properly formatted APA Reference page for your paper.

1. Refer to pages 529 – 558 under Unit 5 Read for help and Upload the document.

Complete II: Upload the APA formatted research paper, the paper should contain at least 3 sources.

2. Create an outline of the draft of your research paper.

Complete V:

A. Punctuation Practice
Read the following paragraph and correct the punctuation with periods and question marks where needed. Also, correct any initials or abbreviations as needed.

Music is the universal language At least that’s what people say But have you ever noticed how hard it is to get people to agree on music Play a song by BB King, and some people will be in heaven and others in dread Why would that be Dr Jim Fredericks indicates that the reason may be music’s power to reach to our very hearts ” Music is intensely personal, and the type of music that makes one person excited and happy may make another person very uncomfortable” Jill Davis, PhD, disagrees She says music is primarily cultural What does music do except make us feel ” at home” or feel like a stranger When music alienates us, we dislike it, but when it makes us feel welcome, we like it So, what music makes you feel at home!

Journal Entry: Please answer the following questions.

Write 3-4 paragraphs that describe the approach of the revisions from your rough draft to final paper. For example, describe in detail the revision choices you made between your first and your final draft. What changes did you make and why? Please focus on the elements of craft that we have discussed in the past 3 weeks.

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