Analyze one of your habits. How did you develop this habit? Were there role models for this habit? Which people influenced the adoption of this habit?
August 15, 2020
Legal Issues in Counseling Children and Teens
August 15, 2020

Ethical Behavior

Complete a paper on ethical behavior by answering the following questions 250 words each question.

(1) your client found $200 on the parking lot.wlot. What should your next move be?

(2) your boss invites you to a church service should you go?

(3) How many classes do you think a student should be absent in order to pass a class?

(4) your client has stickets to the ravens game worth $350 each.They will sell them to you for $10 each. You have four students who will graduate next week, should you buy the tickets and take the client to the game?

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