ethics reply post 1 150 words must use citations

Week three reading and assignment does not only apply to nursing students but possibly many students in today’s educational forum. The academic integrity of this nursing program at Chamberlain I believe is centered around honesty, trust, respect and personal responsibility. This online program allows students the freedom to complete assignments without an instructor continuously monitoring for moral and ethical integrity. Opportunities for cheating has increased with the increasing use of electronic technologies (Houston, 2017). Online courses and the increase in electronic learning has led to the increase in potential for “e-cheating” (Solmon, 2018). Students are provided with a large amount of information and given a short period of time to learn it along with the responsibilities of working and family life; this may possibly lead to cheating. Adults who have chosen to continue their education and possibly haven’t been in the classroom for many years may see the task of writing papers as daunting; plagiarism and citing may be done unintentionally. “Given the absence of direct supervision by the instructor during all phases of online courses, the assumption is that there is clear potential for students to engage in many forms of academic dishonesty during learning activities, in the submission of assignments, and in taking examinations” (Solmon, 2018). Students must possess integrity, commitment to learning and respect along with accountability and trustworthiness. Chamberlain uses to monitor plagiarism and webcams for testing to decrease the risk of cheating. The honor code is upheld by students with weekly posts and assignment blogs; these guidelines provide student behavior and consequences. Academic integrity within yourself must not be reactive but proactive and include establishing an ethical culture using professional standards as a guide to ethical behavior (Houston, 2017). The ability to maintain academic integrity includes being prepared and know what is expected; commitment and honesty are essential to success within this program. Creating a culture of honesty and accountability is crucial to deterring cheating and promoting accountability (Houston, 2017). Acknowledgement of cheating by others within the program is negative behavior and not reporting this could have negative effects on all parties involved. Nurses are viewed as among the most trustworthy, ethical and honest profession in American society but may be a breeding ground for academic dishonesty despite the acceptance that trust, honesty and fairness are essential to the foundation to practice (Houston, 2017).

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