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May 12, 2022
Exploring Research Questions
May 13, 2022

Evaluating Quantitative Research Questions

Evaluating Quantitative Research Questions

Evaluating Quantitative Research Questions

If you used a quantitative article for the HAC you discussed in the previous weeks, use it again for this discussion. If not, find a quantitative article on the same topic. Evaluate the research questions and hypothesis in the article.

Use the following quantitative checklist to guide your evaluation.

Quantitative Research Question Checklist

  • Does the purpose statement fit logically with the problem statement? Does the purpose statement use similar words to the problem statement, or does it seem to address a different topic?
  • Based on the problem statement, do the research questions align with the method and design of the study? For instance, are words like perception used that would automatically reject a quantitative study?
  • Do questions seek to describe responses to the variables described in the study?
  • Do the questions include words like compare or correlate that indicate a quantitative study?
  • Do the questions include identification of the independent and dependent variables?
  • Does the hypothesis fit with the research questions?
  • Does the hypothesis include both the null and alternative hypotheses?
  • Do the questions and hypothesis identify the participants for the research study?
  • Do the questions and hypothesis specify the participants and the research site?

Response Guidelines

Review another learner’s purpose statement using the Purpose Statement Checklist from the Week 3 assignment. Identify nonalignment between the purpose statement and the problem statement. Identify items that are missing based on the checklist.

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