Evidence-based Practice – Nursing

Read Cronenwatt article.
As a nurse leader, you are charged with improving quality and safety in health care systems. Describe a nursing or patient care concern or issue from your clinical practice that needs improvement. If your clinical practice is limited, you may draw from experiences encountered during your clinical rotations in nursing school. Analyze the significance of the concern for nursing practice in relation to the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) competences described in the Cronenwatt article. This assignment is limited to the Evidence-based Practice (EBP) or Quality Improvement (QI) competencies. Why is it important to explore this concern or issue? What would be the best or preferred practice for this concern? As a nurse manager or leader, how will you improve practices in your work environment related to this concern?

Describes a nursing or patient care concern that needs improvement 15
Describes the Evidence-based Practice and/or Quality Improvement QSEN competencies and relates significance of issue to QSEN competencies. Why is it important to explore this concern? 15
Describes best or preferred practices for this concern. Supports with at least one current nursing RESEARCH article. 20
Describes strategies to improve practices in the health care system. Support with at least one reference. Textbooks or current nursing literature are appropriate. 20
Grammar and APA 10

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