Examine the effect of nurse staffing and organizational support for nursing care

• Select five nursing research reports from an online database relating to the selected research clinical issue (CLINICAL ISSUE IS PATIENT’S ANXIETY BEFORE CARDIAC CATHETERIZATION WILL SEND YOU THE PAPER YOU HAVE TO USE THE PAPER I AM SENDING YOU. One report must be a qualitative report, one must be a quantitative report, and the rest can be either.
Sample Table for Written Assignment 24
Title of research article Use APA format for title:

Struthers, S. (2008). Nurse staffing and quality. Journal of Critical Care Quality,23(3), 1-31.
Type of research study Qualitative
Purpose of study Example: The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of nurse staffing and organizational support for nursing care on: a) nurses’ dissatisfaction with their jobs, b) nurse burnout, c) quality of patient care, d) patient satisfaction, and e) nurse errors.
Note: Also include a brief summary that addresses the reasons the author(s) give of why this study was done.

Methods/sample Example:
This was a descriptive method using a survey tool. The sample was comprised of 30
[Report the results of the study, statistics used, conclusions]
Limitations There were a limited number of participants in the sample.
Conclusions The themes of dissatisfaction, burnout, and concern for rendering quality care require further investigation as to their relationship to the quality of nursing care provided.
Above has to be in chart format
The assignment has to be about a nursing paper written will send you the paper

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