executive summary and conclusion 1

Write an Executive Summary and Conclusion for a paper.

Conclusion: In your conclusion, you will provide recommendations based on your analysis that addresses the following:

a) Provide a summary of your research and discuss the performance of each brand overall and on each determinant attribute.

b) Recommend how the lowest and highest ranked brands in the survey can tactically implement strategies to increase and/or maintain their ratings.

c) Based on your research outcomes, recommend marketing strategies that account for the influence of culture and personal values on consumer purchasing behavior in a global business environment.

d) Based on your research outcomes, recommend marketing strategies including the appropriate marketing mix for ensuring creation, capture, and delivery of value.

e) Given the plan design, outline the marketing plan implementation process for ensuring the creation, capture, and delivery of value.

V. Executive Summary: Once you complete all the elements above, you will preface your paper with a brief summary of what the project is all about for your intended audience (the executive stakeholders). This executive summary is a narrative for your audience and an important authentic component in presenting a marketing analysis research project to such stakeholders.

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