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November 27, 2020
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Exemplification-essay writing

An exemplification essay is a type of a justification essay. In this text, you are expected to give straightforward and important facts to convince the recipients’ of the author’s explanation. Additionally, the theory of exemplification is worth highlighting in this text as it comes up with relevant reasoning. Moreover, the justification shall contain favorable satisfaction and provides the capability to make conclusions for how unalike happenings have taken place. This is done naturally by reminiscing on our divergent backgrounds that appear to be suitable together.

Let’s look at exemplification essay writing.

How to choose an exemplification essay topic

Despite being given topics on what to write sometimes, here are some other ideas that you can utilize to select a topic;

  1. Come up with your preference by looking into topics on exemplification essays.
  2. Ensure to look for all the important sources before committing fully to a certain topic.
  3. Put down your preferences ensuring you keep it appropriate to exemplification.
  4. Generate a mind-map of diverse topic suggestions.
  5. Maintain the topic of the exemplification essay connected to your subject of study.
  6. Check Google Scholar for essays that connect with the subject you have thought about.
  7. You should avoid putting down something that you are not passionate about.

Exemplification essay outline template

Step 1: select a subject depending on your passion.

Step 2: look for information. This thesis requires you to investigate the two sides of a justification. Research before embarking on the outline.

Step 3: put down an outline. Collect sources and list them by number with each under a title.

Step 4: introduction. In this section, you are required to put in summary what the text is about.

Step 5: thesis. In this part, one is required to give an explanation of what the center paragraphs will contain. Additionally, include statistics, facts and information for the framework of the task. Detail on the major point of the text. In addition to, be concise and clear about your work

Step 6: body paragraphs. In this part, one writes about the main justification. Ensure to include appropriate and related examples and expound on the examples provided. Before writing the outline it is important to put down the examples you plan on using.

Step 7: conclusion. Put in summary the major focus of your text and incorporate a sentence that convinces the learners to go on reading further about your work.

Step 8: proofread. Go through your work and ask friends and family to check it too. In addition to, ensure that the final task does not contain writing and grammatical errors. If need be make the necessary corrections where required.

Structure of an exemplification essay


The opening of an exemplification essay should dynamically state your paper. Moreover, it should direct the learner to what is to come after. You can choose to start your text with a famous quote. Additionally, you can state a common fact or ask a question or a common statistic.

The initial question assists the learners examine, reflect, and focus on what the writer is going to put down after that.


Firstly, the body of an exemplification essay should include dynamically clear and strong ideas, brief examples, and details. Moreover, the body should generate explanation to justify the paper. The exemplification essay should sound coherent and deep to the target audience by using information and arguments that justify the paper.

Also, once the author has known his or her target audience and carried out genuine fact-finding for illustrations, arguments, facts, and points, you are required to group them by influence and importance in relevance to the paper.

Besides, you are required to outline the most relevant illustration in the initial paragraph of the framework of the thesis. Additionally, go on generating examples and justification to explain your paper. Moreover, you can also use a story to justify your point in the place of facts in one of the paragraphs.

The purpose of a conclusion is to generate a feeling of finality and closure of you entire paper. Pin point the major justifications and review the paper.

Facts and statistics should be left out in the conclusion. Attempt to connect the initial paragraph with the last one by reciting certain phrases or words. Review what you have justified with strong and precise sentences that can go ahead to generate finality to the target audience for the work.

In addition, use a quote or reference for more efficacy. It is relevant to ensure not to lucidly sum up the exemplification essay, but instead attempt to build up the paper one final instant.

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