Explain how you will bring the professional traits identified in part C to an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals

740.1.10: The Nursing Profession – The graduate applies historical and contemporary nursing theories and models to define their professional nursing practice.
740.1.4: Professional Accountability – The graduate analyzes the responsibilities and accountability of the professional nurse.
740.1.5: Self-Advocacy of the Nurse – The graducate integrates strategies of self-awareness and self-care into professional practice to ensure personal health and well-being.
740.1.13: The Professional Nurse – The graduate integrates knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the nursing profession into personal and professional interactions and ethical decision making.
740.1.7: Roles of the Nurse (WGU) – The graduate analyzes the roles of the nurse as a scientist, a detective, and a manager of the healing environment.
740.1.15: Healthcare Work Environment – The graduate evaluates how the vision, values, mission, and philosophy of an organization align with an individual’s professional values, beliefs, and approaches to interprofessional collegiality.
The purpose of this task is to develop a working knowledge of nursing theory, nursing ethics, and professional accountability and apply these concepts to your professional clinical practice. You will be required to think about real-life scenarios and how they relate to nursing codes in your professional practice.


A. Explain the functional differences between a regulatory agency, such as a board of nursing, and a professional nursing organization as it pertains to your professional nursing practice.

B. Identify two provisions from the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics (available in the web links section below).

1. Explain how each provision identified in part B influences your professional nursing practice by using a clinical example.

C. Identify four professional traits from the ANA Code of Ethics provisions.

1. Explain how you will bring the professional traits identified in part C to an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals.

D. Identify a nursing theory that has influenced your professional practice.

1. Explain how this theory fits your professional practice.

E. Discuss how the contributions of one historical nursing figure (not Florence Nightingale) have impacted your professional nursing practice, including modern-day application.

F. Describe a real-world situation or hypothetical scenario in which you, as a nurse, protected two of the following principles for the patient:

• beneficence

• nonmaleficence

• respect for autonomy

• justice

Note: Do not include confidential patient information (e.g., name, location).

G. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

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